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The Chimney Sweep Process.

Upon arrival at your Home a Hearth Sheet is laid on which I can place all my sweeping equipment. I will then seal your fire opening with either traditional soot sheet or foam blocks which fit snug into the fire opening to form a tight seal to prevent soot escaping . Sweep the chimney/flue using either Rotary power sweeping, Viper and Star or traditional rods and brush, a 3 stage Hepa filtered vacuum cleaner is used to collect the soot etc. After the chimney has been swept a smoke cartridge is placed in the fire opening to undertake a Smoke Evacuation check , This is to ensure the Chimney has a good draw of air to take the smoke and gasses up the flue and vent them to the outside atmosphere.


How often should a chimney be swept?



Smokless Fuels/ Biomass:

House Coal:


Oil & Gas:

At least once a Year.

At least twice a year.

Quarterly when in constant use.

Once a year.